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Our built environments are constructed to last, but they are far from sustainable. A large portion of climate emissions are attributed to the real estate sector, and there are significant economic gains to be made for real estate companies that can ensure that resource usage matches the actual needs of their customers.

Almost all multi-family homes and commercial properties in Sweden and the Nordic countries contain computerized systems for operation and management, but most of these systems don't live up to their potential. They are difficult to use and adapt to changing needs. Important functionality and data in the systems are hard to access. The systems are so ingrained in the buildings and costly to replace that they are claimed to be obstacles to the digitalization of property management. Furthermore, tearing them out to replace them with other IT systems is an action that is not sustainable in itself.

That's where we come in! We are a Swedish Proptech company, passionate about helping real estate companies that value sustainability and want to take a leap towards more profitable digitalized operations and more efficient resource usage.

Our concept, which we summarize as 'Connecting the dots,' means that we primarily build upon the systems already present in the buildings and already used within the operations. We bring together the digital pieces into a cohesive digital mosaic that helps customers develop and manage the sustainable built environments of the future. Our customers don't need to make large investments for the digitalization of buildings and get a functional web-based operations center as a bonus.

We promise our customers a shortcut to digitized property management, plain and simple!

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Our products and services


Our product, Orbiq, makes it quick and easy for property managers to connect entire portfolios of buildings for central monitoring and analysis. By connecting buildings to Orbiq, we enable access to automation systems, facility management systems, and AI services, while unlocking valuable data from the buildings that our customers can then use to digitize their businesses.

Orbiq is built on our concept 'Connecting the dots', which means the system can be implemented in record time and digitize portfolios with hundreds of buildings seamlessly!


Miner is a software solution for data integration that bridges the gap between existing systems and various types of IT platforms and services. Miner reads and writes data to automation systems and data interfaces of different makes and models. The software is continuously developed and equipped with new integrations on an ongoing basis. Gather and document your system integrations with the help of Miner!

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Do you want to join us and make a difference in a young and growing company? We are a small but growing team that wants to make a difference in an industry where there are great opportunities for improvement, and our vision is to make the world a little better!

To achieve what we want, we need to grow. Do you want to continue your journey with us? There are always opportunities for the right person: through employment, internships, or thesis work.

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There are several ways to contact us. Choose the way that suits you best:

  • Send a letter or post card to: iquest ab, Box 80, 129 22 Hägersten
  • Make a visit to our office at: Telefonvägen 30, Elevator C, 1st floor (c/o Kolonien). Click here for directions.
  • Call Farhad on +46 70 416 34 00. But please do not bother him with offers of dodgy services, office supplies, crypto currency, free lunches and the likes...
  • You can also send an email using the form on this page.
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