Orbiq: Connecting the dots

Central management of alerts and dispatches

Portfolio overview

Centralised access management

Web access to existing systems

Data gathering from your systems

Visualisation and reporting

Network management

Collaborative tools

Integration to facility management systems

API for data integration

Lack something? We'll develop it for you!

The solution for smart property management

Orbiq is our solution for management of smart building portfolios. Orbiq makes it possible for our clients to connect their entire property portfolio to a functional, flexible, and secure platform for technical property management, in record time.

Orbiq offers integrations with building management systems, facility management systems, IoT-service, AI services, and more. Additionally, we unlock valuable data from the buildings that our customers can use for digitizing their businesses.

Run Orbiq in our secure cloud or within your own cloud if absolutely necessary. Our clients are demanding, so we are confident that we can deliver solutions that match most preferences.

Data management
  • Use Orbiq and Miner to extract data from building management systems of various brands
  • Adjust metadata and labeling as needed  without the need for reprogramming of control systems
  • Store streaming data from a variety of systems in a Big Data database
  • Take own backups of your data and upload to 3rd party systems using APIs.

Demos and instruction videos

The best way to get to know Orbiq is to try the system yourself. We probably have the industry's best and easiest setup for pilot projects. The next best way is to book a personal, free demo. Just give us a shout via the contact form below, and we'll tell you more.

We've also recorded some videos to demonstrate parts of the system's functionality. Unfortunately, the language is in Swedish and we're currently unable to produce these videos at the pace we'd like to maintain. For example, we have a new super-flexible analysis tool that we're very proud of but we haven't been able to demo yet.

If you don't want to get in touch just yet, simply keep an eye out by visiting this page from time to time :-)

Contact us!

There are several ways to contact us. Choose the way that suits you best:

  • Send a letter or post card to: iquest ab, Box 80, 129 22 Hägersten
  • Make a visit to our office at: Telefonvägen 30, Elevator C, 1st floor (c/o Kolonien). Click here for directions.
  • Call Farhad on +46 70 416 34 00. But please do not bother him with offers of dodgy services, office supplies, crypto currency, free lunches and the likes...
  • You can also send an email using the form on this page.
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