Miner: it's all about the data

Miner - that's what we call our own "edge product," which serves as the bridge to automation systems, building management systems and data interfaces of various brands and models. Think of Miner as an tireless colleague that liberates data from brand-specific systems and transfers them to a central and open format for creating new values.

Miner is a proptech solution that can read and write data, for instance, to handle changes in setpoints and overrides. Miner can also upload data to third-party systems or perform calculations on the data it collects, to, for example, trigger smart alarms.

The software is continuously developed and equipped with new integration profiles. It can be run as a standalone application in the cloud and shuffle data for many buildings, or as embedded software in a building to act close to the source and store data even if connections are broken. Because we know that can happen sometimes...

We have big plans for Miner and hope that in the near future, it can be used as the prefered choice that simplifies the lives of property managers, system integrators, and others out there.

Run in the cloud or on the edge

Reading data

Write data to automation systems and API:s

Manage thousands of data points per instance

A long and growing list of integrations

Alliance AWU, Abelko Ultrabase and Webmaster Pro, Bastec, Citect, Dedu, Elvaco, Fidelix, Iconics, Larmia, Lindinspect, Modbus, MQTT, Myrspoven, Nimbus, Power Admin, Proptech OS / RealEstateCore (REC), SNMP, TAC Vista, Tridium, Nordomatic/Kabona WDC, Vitec, Web Factory, Webport and more. The list of integrations is long and continuously growing.

Our developers are constantly working on new integration profiles for our clients, and the best part is that when we expand the list with a new integration, it becomes freely available to customers in conjunction with the regular updates of Orbiq/Miner.

intro to miner

Contact us!

There are several ways to contact us. Choose the way that suits you best:

  • Send a letter or post card to: iquest ab, Box 80, 129 22 Hägersten
  • Make a visit to our office at: Telefonvägen 30, Elevator C, 1st floor (c/o Kolonien). Click here for directions.
  • Call Farhad on +46 70 416 34 00. But please do not bother him with offers of dodgy services, office supplies, crypto currency, free lunches and the likes...
  • You can also send an email using the form on this page.
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