About iquest

We are a Swedish Proptech company creating smart solutions for sustainable property management and smart buildings. Our services revolve primarily around our in-house developed products, Orbiq and Miner.

Our clients come from both the public and private sectors, including some of Sweden's largest real estate companies as well as smaller companies. The common denominator among our clients is their curiosity, combined with an interest in sustainable solutions.

Even though our customers are based in Sweden, our ambitions and services are global. We enjoy collaborating with like-minded individuals and companies to create and support long-term sustainable solutions on a global scale. Our ambition is to grow together with our clients and partners and strive for our vision and mission.

Our vision and mission

Our vision is to be pioneers in a global context characterized by sustainable development and management of built environments.

Our mission is to create digital services that enhance the experience within built environments, increase returns for property management, and minimize the use of unnecessary resources in the operation, management, and development of properties.

We lead property organizations towards their sustainability goals and help them take digital ownership of assets they own on paper. We assist clients in using the data generated within properties to boost operations and create new value for them and their customers.

We value sustainability

Sustainability is in our DNA, and it's something we at iquest try to incorporate into everything we do. We strive to be key players in helping our customers achieve their ambitious sustainability goals.

In all situations when decisions are needed, we aim to:

  • Create new value from existing resources
  • Streamline resource usage
  • Leverage existing technology.

It is a matter of course for us to anchor our vision of sustainability in the global sustainability goals. In the following chart, you can see which of the goals that we can, and aim to affect:

7.3: Double the increase of energy efficiency
9.4: Upgrade all industry and infrastructure for increased sustainability
11.1 Secure housing at an affordable cost
11.6 Reduce the environmental impact of cities
12.7 Promote sustainable methods for public procurement
12.6 Encourage businesses to adopt sustainable practices and sustainability reporting.

The team

We are a small but growing team that wants to make a difference in an industry where there are great opportunities for improvement.

Our employees enjoy each other's company and feel proud to be part of the team. We help each other and grow together. Every employee's contribution to the business is noticed and appreciated by the team as a whole. We receive recognition for what we do, but we know that we have much more to accomplish, and that inspires us. Ongoing development permeates everything we do. We believe in continuous improvement and are not afraid to make mistakes. What matters is what we learn from them and how the next iteration can be done better.

Our very own Swiss army knife, chewing through challenges with a smile on his face. A former hacker who's also a whiz at baking chocolate mud cakes.
AmirDeveloper, devOps
Loves clean code and simple solutions to tricky challenges and a vital part of our venture from the very beginning. Also lends support in integration projects and connections. If you can get hold of Otto, you're probably a VIP ;-)
OttoDeveloper, Product specialist
Diego is one of our newest colleagues who, along with Sarugan, joined the team after completing their studies at KTH, culminating with a thesis in Machine Learning at iquest. Football makes Diego's heart beat a little faster, and if you're lucky, you might catch him at a local amateur league game.
DiegoDeveloper, Machine Learning
Petter is the star who strengthens our team from a design perspective! As a front-end developer, he strives to enhance the user experience in our products, and as a resident of Uppsala, he does his best to teach us a thing or two about stuff unrelated to system development.
PetterDeveloper, Frontend
Always brimming with ideas and an excellent problem solver juggling many balls. The backbone of our team and an extraordinary project manager, while also enjoying networking and connecting with like-minded individuals in the industry. If you have really great ideas, Farhad is the one to talk to!
Sarugan is one of our newest team members who joined us after completing his studies at KTH with a thesis in Machine Learning at iquest, which he conducted with his colleague Diego. Movies is one of Sarugan's great interests, and recently, he's also taken up forest hunt for mushroom :-)
SaruganDeveloper, Machine Learning

Join our quest!

Do you want to join us and make a difference in a young and growing company? We are a small but growing team that wants to make a difference in an industry where there are great opportunities for improvement, and our vision is to make the world a little better!

To achieve what we want, we need to grow. Do you want to continue your journey with us? There are always opportunities for the right person: through employment, internships, or thesis work.

Contact us!

There are several ways to contact us. Choose the way that suits you best:

  • Send a letter or post card to: iquest ab, Box 80, 129 22 Hägersten
  • Make a visit to our office at: Telefonvägen 30, Elevator C, 1st floor (c/o Kolonien). Click here for directions.
  • Call Farhad on +46 70 416 34 00. But please do not bother him with offers of dodgy services, office supplies, crypto currency, free lunches and the likes...
  • You can also send an email using the form on this page.
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